InstaNext Releases New BOM Insights Module

InstaNext, a premier provider of cloud-hosted commodity trading and risk management solutions, announced today the release of a new software module BOM Insights, a comprehensive bill of materials pricing utility, that will enable customers to project product pricing using a multitude of variables.

As companies alter and increase their product lines, the variables and inputs surrounding BOM management grow exponentially. This new utility offers an intuitive user interface that allows automation and increased efficiency of complex BOM cost projection calculations.  In addition, it is natively integrated with the InstaNext CTRM platform to include the impact of hedgeable exposures as a component of cost projections.

Included with BOM Insights is a sandbox tool that allows users to run multiple scenarios in order to forecast cost projections under different market conditions.  This provides valuable decision-making data points that allow companies to manage their costs and profitability on a product by product basis and see how certain changes in inputs will affect their entire product line.  Using its proprietary technology and industry expertise, InstaNext is uniquely suited to offer a solution for the growing complexities of BOM pricing and risk management.

“We’ve observed an increased focus on the visibility of materials expenditures in the marketplace, and as a result, we saw this as the logical next step in our product offering and are very excited to showcase a powerful integrated solution.” said Marc Zabal, VP of Product Development.

About InstaNext

InstaNext is comprised of a team of software and technology experts in the fields of commodity trading, hedging, and risk management.  With an extensive portfolio of prior successes in the CTRM industry, InstaNext provides intuitive solutions to help companies meet the challenges of the complex commodities world. The InstaNext platform simplifies every aspect of commodity trading and risk management. The multi-market platform allows companies to analyze their positions in real-time via its powerful analysis capabilities. With InstaNext, historical and scenario-based data can be used to compare current positions against changes in the market, allowing for more effective management of portfolio risk and ensuring profit margins are secure.  Using the latest cloud-hosted technology, InstaNext commodity management software can be implemented quickly and with low risk.

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