Elie Zabal, CEO

Mr. Zabal is the CEO and Founder of InstaNext, providing overall leadership and strategic direction. He was formerly CEO and Founder of INSSINC, the developer of FUTRAK, a leading software system which was used globally by energy companies, banks, and CPG companies to manage their exposures to risk. After a successful twenty-five years with software implementations at over two hundred banks, sixty energy companies, and fifteen commodity houses, INSSINC was acquired by Triple Point Technology in 2008. Mr. Zabal remained on board until 2014 as a Senior Executive, where he was in charge of integrating newly acquired companies. Prior to INSSINC, Mr. Zabal served as Vice President of Societé Generale New York, where he was responsible for the automation of its U.S. dealing operations. He got his start in the banking industry at Security Pacific International Bank (now Bank of America), where he specialized in foreign exchange and money market operations.

Mr. Zabal has spent his entire career designing complex trading systems for the areas of derivatives, finance, and accounting.  He has been invited to speak at numerous conferences on the subjects of risk management, hedge accounting, and fair value standards.


Elie Zabal