commodityIndustry Challenges

Volatility in commodity markets is a key business challenge faced by food and beverage companies using raw materials to produce finished goods. Major fluctuations in prices are fundamentally changing how companies are positioned up and down the value chain.  Sudden movements in commodity prices impair forecasts, hinder risk management, and can negatively impact bottom lines. To optimize profit margins, food + beverage companies need to know their positions and exposures in real-time. As commodity prices fluctuate, they need to see exactly how this will affect their operating margins, so they can take proper action to hedge against the effects of market volatility.

InstaNext Coverage and Spend Analysis Solution

Many companies struggle with error prone spreadsheets that are not reliable or sufficient for real-time scenarios. Companies need a flexible, easy to use software platform for managing trades and hedging risk, a platform that can accurately track and optimize complex scenarios.  InstaNext provides visibility across physicals and derivatives, identifying exposures and enabling timely decision making. The platform tracks all relevant transactional and market data, providing real-time physical and financial position reporting.  This enables companies to analyse current and projected cash flows and optimize hedging program performance. With InstaNext, processes are streamlined and companies get more timely and accurate information.

Feature Highlights

  • Percentage Covered
  • Covered / Uncovered positions
  • Variance to budget
  • Mark to market
  • Weighted average price per unit
  • Forecasted Spend vs. Projected Spend
  • “What If” coverage modeling
  • FX and Currency conversions
  • Import data from Excel
  • Drill Down/Roll up capabilities
  • Broker management

Customizeable Reports & Dashboards

  • Simple drag and drop report generation
  • Create meaningful data visualizations
  • Charts / Graphs / Maps / Grids / Pivots
  • Incorporate external data sources to create a single source of information
  • Securely publish + share with other users
  • Export / Print in various formats (PDF, XLS, etc.)


InstaNext Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software is available as a cloud-hosted solution and can also be installed on site. The software is widely used across the energy, commodity trading, consumer packaged goods, and agricultural industries. InstaNext supports all types of trades including forwards, futures, over-the-counter (OTC), swaps, foreign exchange, and options.