Elie Zabal

Elie Zabal, CEO

Mr. Zabal is the CEO and Founder of InstaNext, providing overall leadership and strategic direction. He was formerly CEO and Founder of INSSINC, the developer of FUTRAK, a leading software system which was used globally by energy companies, banks, and CPG companies to manage their exposures to risk. After a successful twenty-five years with software implementations at over two hundred banks, sixty energy companies, and fifteen commodity houses, INSSINC was acquired by Triple Point Technology in 2008. Mr. Zabal remained on board until 2012 as a Senior Executive, where he was in charge of integrating newly acquired companies. Prior to INSSINC, Mr. Zabal served as Vice President of Societé Generale New York, where he was responsible for the automation of its U.S. dealing operations. He got his start in the banking industry at Security Pacific International Bank (now Bank of America), where he specialized in foreign exchange and money market operations. Mr. Zabal has spent his entire career designing complex trading systems for the areas of derivatives, finance, and accounting.  He has been invited to speak at numerous conferences on the subjects of risk management, hedge accounting, and fair value standards.

Marc Zabal

Marc Zabal, VP of Product Development

Marc is responsible for product management, overseeing the development and roadmap of the InstaNext software product suite. He also prepares and leads product demonstrations to prospective clients. Marc has 10+ years of experience in commodity management software and has earned the investment of customers with his successful business transformations and implementations. Marc started his career as a Subject Matter Expert at INSSINC, where he lead multiple implementations of the FUTRAK hedge accounting and fair value disclosure module for clients ranging from small Exploration & Production companies to large Fortune 500’s. Following Triple Point’s acquisition of INSSINC in 2008, Marc was brought on as Senior Business Analyst, where his primary role was to spec out and build new functionalities into Triple Point’s Commodity XL trading and risk platform.  He worked closely with clients and developers to provide the best possible solutions to align with client business needs. Marc quickly transitioned to Principal Sales Consultant, where he conducted numerous product demonstrations of the Commodity XL platform, specializing in hedge accounting and fair value compliance.  With Marc’s ability to effectively communicate Triple Point’s value proposition, he helped win new business and continually grow year over year revenues during his tenure.  Marc also led the two largest Commodity XL Hedge Accounting deals in company history. Marc graduated with a degree in Finance from Villanova University

Richard Kulaszewski

Richard Kulaszewski, EVP Global Field Operations

Richard has spent the past fifteen years as a top performer in derivative and risk software sales and has been extremely successful at managing customer satisfaction and retention. He leads the InstaNext sales team with a solid track record of increasing revenue and building strong client relationships. Prior to InstaNext, Richard was VP of Sales at numerous prestigious software companies including OpenLink, ION Trading , and Triple Point Technology. Recruited by the CEO of INSSINC in 2000, Richard was instrumental in growing the software company from $1.5 million in sales to $15 million, positioning the firm to be acquired by Triple Point Technology in 2008. Following the acquisition, Richard was brought on as VP of Global Energy Treasury Sales at Triple Point, where he personally acquired some of the firm’s largest deals, ultimately facilitating the company’s acquisition by ION Trading for $900 million in 2013. Richard started his career as a stock broker on the NASDAQ Exchange and has an in-depth understanding of the energy, foreign exchange, and interest rate markets.