Your documents, simplified.

  • Secure browser-based portal
  • Send + receive documents over the web
  • Access all historical documents instantly
  • Complete control over user access
  • Customizeable branding (Homepage, Logos)

Documents Grid

Secure organized documents

  • All your documents organized and in one place
  • Optimized sort, filter, and search
  • Quick retrieval from anywhere on the web
  • Upload any document format (.pdf, .doc, .xls)

Document Types

Define document types

  • Add relevant columns for filtering
  • Due Date, Invoice #, Vendor Name, etc.
  • Make fields required or internal only

Document Rooms

Controlled Document Rooms

  • Assign documents to specific rooms
  • Grant users read, write, or edit access

pass and exp links

Send secure links

  • Send a secure link to anyone
  • No attachments, click to download
  • Enable passwords and expiration


Track Versions & History

  • Audit history of versions
  • Complete audit trail of changes
  • Track document access and downloads

inbox notification

Inbox Notifications

  • Notify users when items have arrived in the inbox
  • Include links to documents


  • Inbound email/fax integration
  • Upload email attachments directly to portal
  • APIs for software integration
  • CTRM, ERP, CRM, etc.


InstaNext Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software is available as a cloud-hosted solution and can also be installed on site. The software is widely used across the energy, commodity trading, consumer packaged goods, and agricultural industries. InstaNext supports all types of trades including forwards, futures, over-the-counter (OTC), swaps, foreign exchange, and options.